Possible Problem

Possible Problem

Postby Fedgar » 22 Sep 2016, 20:27

So, I finally got around to rehabing a machine I built in late two thousand something.
I got my software setup, and everything working in manual mode (AKA within the software, and using buttons I have mounted to the controller box.

A bit more background: I am using a MK1 from 7 years ago on a Fireball V90 kit thing that someone got me.
I have 3d printed a toolholder which holds a sharpie (I figured that was less destructive)

The problem I am having is, when I upload a basic program... Things dont run as I would expect.
I have attached a link to a picture of what I was trying to make, and what happened.
It seems like its okay on some of the moves... others are having real issues. I dont know where to begin troubleshooting this.

On the bright side... I think I might have found an excellent way to make modern art. :lol:
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Support » 26 Sep 2016, 15:36

It is possible that your machine has backlash or is loosing steps.

Please draw a circle on your machine, say it has diameter of 100mm. Please post picture of finished circle.
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Fedgar » 28 Sep 2016, 03:09

I will do that in two days time, I am out of town right now working a job.

Thank you for responding. I was beginning to think there was no one out there...
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Fedgar » 28 Sep 2016, 03:23

Ooops, I wanted to edit that last post, but it wont let me until a moderator reviews it...

I am not 100% sure I know how to program it to do that via just the software, is that what you are trying to test? Because I did use a DXF import, so its possible it just isnt importing properly? I am wondering if we shouldnt eliminate any possible setup problems in the software on my end.

Maybe it would be a good idea to import some known settings? as well as known gcode?
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Support » 28 Sep 2016, 12:03

It would be best that you send us your g-code or DXF file and also your .setting file (file/Export settings).
Also draw circle in AutoCAD and draw it with your CNC and post picture.
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Fedgar » 28 Sep 2016, 17:41

Excellent. Here is my settings file (I am traveling with the computer I use to run this)

Here is the Gcode I used to make that original photo.

Code: Select all
G90 G17 G21
(Layer: 0)
G00 X0.00000 Y0.00000 Z5.00000
G00 X8.04083 Y4.56417
G01 Z0.00000 F100.00
G01 X8.25603 Y4.45554 F400.00
G01 X8.47770 Y4.35667
G01 X8.70440 Y4.26727
G01 X8.93455 Y4.18697
G01 X9.16670 Y4.11549
G01 X9.39933 Y4.05251
G01 X9.39933 Y4.05252
G01 X9.62323 Y4.01519
G01 X9.87798 Y3.96732
G01 X10.06983 Y3.87029
G01 X10.06983 Y3.87029
G01 X10.18073 Y3.66142
G01 X10.24458 Y3.37382
G01 X10.28290 Y3.07367
G01 X10.31723 Y2.82714
G01 X10.31723 Y2.82714
G01 X10.36548 Y2.59527
G01 X10.41703 Y2.36199
G01 X10.47075 Y2.12752
G01 X10.52555 Y1.89207
G01 X10.58033 Y1.65589
G01 X10.63390 Y1.41917
G01 X10.68518 Y1.18212
G01 X10.73305 Y0.94499
G01 X10.77638 Y0.70799
G01 X10.81408 Y0.47137
G01 X10.84498 Y0.23529
G01 X10.86798 Y0.00000
G01 X10.90469 Y0.00000
G01 X10.90469 Y7.01278
G01 X10.90469 Y9.03216
G01 X10.86798 Y9.95007
G01 X9.76649 Y8.84858
G01 X9.76650 Y8.84859
G01 X9.59090 Y8.69029
G01 X9.40530 Y8.51474
G01 X9.27465 Y8.32408
G01 X9.27465 Y8.32407
G01 X9.24583 Y8.10869
G01 X9.28423 Y7.85399
G01 X9.35088 Y7.59829
G01 X9.40667 Y7.37994
G01 X9.40668 Y7.37994
G01 X9.45378 Y7.14499
G01 X9.50110 Y6.91007
G01 X9.54853 Y6.67517
G01 X9.59598 Y6.44027
G01 X9.64338 Y6.20534
G01 X9.69063 Y5.97042
G01 X9.73768 Y5.73544
G01 X9.78440 Y5.50039
G01 X9.83075 Y5.26529
G01 X9.87664 Y5.03011
G01 X9.87665 Y5.03012
G01 X9.64285 Y5.06007
G01 X9.41045 Y5.11072
G01 X9.18020 Y5.18054
G01 X8.95288 Y5.26807
G01 X8.72923 Y5.37182
G01 X8.50998 Y5.49032
G01 X8.29590 Y5.62209
G01 X8.08778 Y5.76562
G01 X7.88633 Y5.91942
G01 X7.69230 Y6.08204
G01 X7.50648 Y6.25199
G01 X7.32960 Y6.42777
G01 X7.16240 Y6.60792
G01 X7.00568 Y6.79094
G01 X6.86015 Y6.97534
G01 X6.72659 Y7.15964
G01 X6.72660 Y7.15964
G01 X6.58660 Y7.37524
G01 X6.45990 Y7.59734
G01 X6.34525 Y7.82544
G01 X6.24143 Y8.05912
G01 X6.14718 Y8.29784
G01 X6.14718 Y8.29784
G01 X6.09475 Y8.49502
G01 X6.03265 Y8.71622
G01 X5.92734 Y8.87926
G01 X5.92733 Y8.87927
G01 X5.74673 Y8.96859
G01 X5.50460 Y9.02884
G01 X5.23733 Y9.06704
G01 X4.98138 Y9.09027
G01 X4.77310 Y9.10560
G01 X4.77310 Y9.10559
G01 X4.82463 Y8.86084
G01 X4.88355 Y8.62007
G01 X4.94988 Y8.38337
G01 X5.02355 Y8.15084
G01 X5.10463 Y7.92264
G01 X5.19308 Y7.69889
G01 X5.28888 Y7.47967
G01 X5.39205 Y7.26514
G01 X5.50258 Y7.05539
G01 X5.62048 Y6.85054
G01 X5.74570 Y6.65072
G01 X5.87828 Y6.45604
G01 X6.01823 Y6.26662
G01 X6.16548 Y6.08259
G01 X6.32008 Y5.90404
G01 X6.48200 Y5.73112
G01 X6.65128 Y5.56394
G01 X6.82785 Y5.40259
G01 X7.01175 Y5.24724
G01 X7.20295 Y5.09797
G01 X7.40148 Y4.95492
G01 X7.60730 Y4.81817
G01 X7.82043 Y4.68789
G01 X8.04084 Y4.56416
G00 Z5.00000
G00 X7.56353 Y6.64562
G01 Z0.00000 F100.00
G01 X8.12333 Y7.82053 F400.00
G01 X8.38562 Y8.26011
G01 X9.17904 Y8.29784
G01 X9.03605 Y8.10269
G01 X8.87835 Y7.90357
G01 X8.70833 Y7.70337
G01 X8.52835 Y7.50507
G01 X8.34088 Y7.31164
G01 X8.14825 Y7.12602
G01 X7.95288 Y6.95119
G01 X7.75718 Y6.79007
G01 X7.56353 Y6.64562
G00 Z5.00000
G00 X7.49009 Y10.06021
G01 Z0.00000 F100.00
G01 X7.24045 Y10.05997 F400.00
G01 X6.99083 Y10.05927
G01 X6.74118 Y10.05817
G01 X6.49153 Y10.05664
G01 X6.24188 Y10.05477
G01 X5.99223 Y10.05257
G01 X5.74255 Y10.05009
G01 X5.49290 Y10.04734
G01 X5.24323 Y10.04434
G01 X4.99355 Y10.04117
G01 X4.74388 Y10.03784
G01 X4.49420 Y10.03437
G01 X4.24453 Y10.03079
G01 X3.99485 Y10.02717
G01 X3.74518 Y10.02349
G01 X3.49550 Y10.01984
G01 X3.24583 Y10.01619
G01 X2.99615 Y10.01262
G01 X2.74645 Y10.00917
G01 X2.49678 Y10.00582
G01 X2.24710 Y10.00264
G01 X1.99740 Y9.99967
G01 X1.74773 Y9.99692
G01 X1.49805 Y9.99442
G01 X1.24838 Y9.99222
G01 X0.99870 Y9.99034
G01 X0.74903 Y9.98884
G01 X0.49935 Y9.98772
G01 X0.24968 Y9.98702
G01 X0.00000 Y9.98679
G01 X0.00001 Y9.98678
G01 X0.00001 Y10.02350
G01 X4.80982 Y10.86797
G01 X4.83295 Y11.11317
G01 X4.87870 Y11.35659
G01 X4.94325 Y11.59744
G01 X5.02273 Y11.83499
G01 X5.11333 Y12.06847
G01 X5.21120 Y12.29712
G01 X5.31255 Y12.52019
G01 X5.31254 Y12.52019
G01 X5.41885 Y12.73732
G01 X5.53458 Y12.94977
G01 X5.65938 Y13.15732
G01 X5.79290 Y13.35972
G01 X5.93485 Y13.55667
G01 X6.08488 Y13.74797
G01 X6.24263 Y13.93334
G01 X6.40778 Y14.11257
G01 X6.58000 Y14.28534
G01 X6.75895 Y14.45147
G01 X6.94433 Y14.61064
G01 X7.13573 Y14.76267
G01 X7.33288 Y14.90724
G01 X7.53543 Y15.04417
G01 X7.74303 Y15.17314
G01 X7.95533 Y15.29394
G01 X8.17205 Y15.40629
G01 X8.39280 Y15.50999
G01 X8.61728 Y15.60474
G01 X8.84515 Y15.69029
G01 X9.07608 Y15.76642
G01 X9.30970 Y15.83284
G01 X9.54570 Y15.88934
G01 X9.78375 Y15.93564
G01 X10.02350 Y15.97152
G01 X10.02351 Y15.97151
G01 X9.83993 Y14.94346
G01 X9.61510 Y14.90312
G01 X9.39343 Y14.84902
G01 X9.17528 Y14.78174
G01 X8.96098 Y14.70184
G01 X8.75090 Y14.60987
G01 X8.54538 Y14.50637
G01 X8.34483 Y14.39192
G01 X8.14953 Y14.26704
G01 X7.95990 Y14.13229
G01 X7.77628 Y13.98824
G01 X7.59900 Y13.83547
G01 X7.42845 Y13.67449
G01 X7.26495 Y13.50587
G01 X7.10890 Y13.33014
G01 X6.96065 Y13.14792
G01 X6.82053 Y12.95969
G01 X6.68890 Y12.76604
G01 X6.56613 Y12.56754
G01 X6.45258 Y12.36472
G01 X6.34860 Y12.15814
G01 X6.25455 Y11.94837
G01 X6.17078 Y11.73592
G01 X6.09765 Y11.52139
G01 X6.03553 Y11.30532
G01 X5.98473 Y11.08827
G01 X5.98473 Y11.08827
G01 X6.21598 Y11.15747
G01 X6.45298 Y11.22109
G01 X6.69488 Y11.27962
G01 X6.94073 Y11.33342
G01 X7.18960 Y11.38297
G01 X7.44058 Y11.42862
G01 X7.69275 Y11.47087
G01 X7.94518 Y11.51007
G01 X8.19695 Y11.54669
G01 X8.44715 Y11.58117
G01 X8.69483 Y11.61387
G01 X8.93910 Y11.64524
G01 X9.17903 Y11.67572
G01 X9.17904 Y11.67572
G01 X7.56353 Y13.36466
G01 X8.77516 Y12.78627
G01 X9.21329 Y12.51238
G01 X9.30086 Y11.63901
G01 X10.90469 Y10.02350
G01 X10.66735 Y10.05527
G01 X10.42785 Y10.07877
G01 X10.18645 Y10.09494
G01 X9.94348 Y10.10472
G01 X9.69918 Y10.10907
G01 X9.45388 Y10.10894
G01 X9.20785 Y10.10527
G01 X8.96140 Y10.09899
G01 X8.71480 Y10.09109
G01 X8.46838 Y10.08252
G01 X8.22240 Y10.07417
G01 X7.97718 Y10.06704
G01 X7.73298 Y10.06209
G01 X7.49010 Y10.06022
G00 Z5.00000
G00 X10.94141 Y10.06021
G01 Z0.00000 F100.00
G01 X10.94141 Y20.85475 F400.00
G01 X11.02488 Y20.60382
G01 X11.07638 Y20.33157
G01 X11.11365 Y20.05472
G01 X11.15448 Y19.78999
G01 X11.15448 Y19.78998
G01 X11.20243 Y19.53697
G01 X11.24945 Y19.28379
G01 X11.29573 Y19.03047
G01 X11.34150 Y18.77704
G01 X11.38695 Y18.52354
G01 X11.43228 Y18.27004
G01 X11.47770 Y18.01654
G01 X11.52343 Y17.76312
G01 X11.56965 Y17.50977
G01 X11.61658 Y17.25657
G01 X11.61658 Y17.25657
G01 X11.64650 Y17.03304
G01 X11.67235 Y16.77139
G01 X11.70750 Y16.50149
G01 X11.76523 Y16.25327
G01 X11.85888 Y16.05659
G01 X11.85889 Y16.05658
G01 X12.05093 Y15.94427
G01 X12.32140 Y15.89367
G01 X12.55693 Y15.85567
G01 X12.55692 Y15.85567
G01 X12.79198 Y15.78822
G01 X13.02308 Y15.71262
G01 X13.25073 Y15.62932
G01 X13.47535 Y15.53872
G01 X13.69743 Y15.44132
G01 X13.91738 Y15.33749
G01 X14.13570 Y15.22769
G01 X14.13571 Y15.22770
G01 X14.34363 Y15.11389
G01 X14.54668 Y14.99034
G01 X14.74458 Y14.85747
G01 X14.93703 Y14.71564
G01 X15.12375 Y14.56532
G01 X15.30448 Y14.40689
G01 X15.47890 Y14.24077
G01 X15.64675 Y14.06732
G01 X15.80773 Y13.88702
G01 X15.96160 Y13.70022
G01 X16.10803 Y13.50734
G01 X16.24675 Y13.30882
G01 X16.37748 Y13.10504
G01 X16.49995 Y12.89642
G01 X16.61385 Y12.68334
G01 X16.71893 Y12.46624
G01 X16.81485 Y12.24554
G01 X16.90140 Y12.02159
G01 X16.97825 Y11.79484
G01 X17.04515 Y11.56572
G01 X17.10178 Y11.33457
G01 X17.14788 Y11.10187
G01 X17.18315 Y10.86797
G01 X17.18315 Y10.86797
G01 X17.00225 Y10.87669
G01 X16.76713 Y10.89329
G01 X16.50820 Y10.92182
G01 X16.25588 Y10.96634
G01 X16.04060 Y11.03097
G01 X15.89273 Y11.11977
G01 X15.89273 Y11.11977
G01 X15.77683 Y11.33312
G01 X15.70460 Y11.61242
G01 X15.63873 Y11.85929
G01 X15.63872 Y11.85930
G01 X15.53615 Y12.10102
G01 X15.41645 Y12.33599
G01 X15.28255 Y12.56394
G01 X15.13743 Y12.78454
G01 X14.98403 Y12.99749
G01 X14.98403 Y12.99750
G01 X14.83700 Y13.18519
G01 X14.68145 Y13.36692
G01 X14.51770 Y13.54214
G01 X14.34615 Y13.71034
G01 X14.16710 Y13.87097
G01 X13.98095 Y14.02352
G01 X13.78800 Y14.16739
G01 X13.58865 Y14.30212
G01 X13.38323 Y14.42714
G01 X13.17208 Y14.54192
G01 X12.95558 Y14.64592
G01 X12.73405 Y14.73862
G01 X12.50785 Y14.81944
G01 X12.27735 Y14.88792
G01 X12.04290 Y14.94347
G01 X12.04289 Y14.94346
G01 X12.59363 Y11.78587
G01 X14.31929 Y13.36466
G01 X13.74090 Y12.18975
G01 X13.46048 Y11.71346
G01 X12.55692 Y11.59062
G01 X10.94141 Y10.06021
G00 Z5.00000
G00 X10.94141 Y10.02350
G01 Z0.00000 F100.00
G01 X12.07961 Y8.84858 F400.00
G01 X12.63035 Y8.35671
G01 X13.54825 Y8.46584
G01 X15.86137 Y8.88530
G01 X15.86138 Y8.88529
G01 X15.80393 Y8.64122
G01 X15.73353 Y8.40182
G01 X15.65065 Y8.16739
G01 X15.55573 Y7.93822
G01 X15.44918 Y7.71462
G01 X15.33145 Y7.49684
G01 X15.20300 Y7.28524
G01 X15.06428 Y7.08004
G01 X14.91568 Y6.88159
G01 X14.75770 Y6.69014
G01 X14.59073 Y6.50602
G01 X14.41523 Y6.32949
G01 X14.23165 Y6.16087
G01 X14.04043 Y6.00044
G01 X13.84198 Y5.84849
G01 X13.84198 Y5.84849
G01 X13.65448 Y5.71834
G01 X13.46020 Y5.59717
G01 X13.25990 Y5.48557
G01 X13.05433 Y5.38409
G01 X12.84423 Y5.29332
G01 X12.63035 Y5.21380
G01 X12.63035 Y5.21379
G01 X12.40963 Y5.15807
G01 X12.15783 Y5.08789
G01 X11.97549 Y4.97271
G01 X11.97550 Y4.97272
G01 X11.88893 Y4.80222
G01 X11.82885 Y4.57622
G01 X11.78943 Y4.32742
G01 X11.76480 Y4.08842
G01 X11.74916 Y3.89191
G01 X11.74918 Y3.89192
G01 X11.98780 Y3.93924
G01 X12.22430 Y3.99209
G01 X12.45840 Y4.05059
G01 X12.68990 Y4.11489
G01 X12.91858 Y4.18519
G01 X13.14415 Y4.26159
G01 X13.36645 Y4.34429
G01 X13.58525 Y4.43344
G01 X13.80028 Y4.52919
G01 X14.01135 Y4.63172
G01 X14.21823 Y4.74114
G01 X14.42065 Y4.85767
G01 X14.61843 Y4.98142
G01 X14.81135 Y5.11259
G01 X14.99913 Y5.25129
G01 X15.18160 Y5.39772
G01 X15.35850 Y5.55202
G01 X15.52960 Y5.71437
G01 X15.69470 Y5.88489
G01 X15.85355 Y6.06377
G01 X16.00593 Y6.25114
G01 X16.15163 Y6.44719
G01 X16.29038 Y6.65207
G01 X16.42200 Y6.86591
G01 X16.42200 Y6.86592
G01 X16.55140 Y7.10019
G01 X16.66805 Y7.33842
G01 X16.77320 Y7.58079
G01 X16.86795 Y7.82747
G01 X16.95353 Y8.07867
G01 X17.03110 Y8.33456
G01 X17.03110 Y8.33457
G01 X17.07893 Y8.58352
G01 X17.13620 Y8.86847
G01 X17.24188 Y9.08398
G01 X17.24188 Y9.08397
G01 X17.42663 Y9.19082
G01 X17.69295 Y9.25857
G01 X17.99323 Y9.29987
G01 X18.27978 Y9.32732
G01 X18.50493 Y9.35354
G01 X18.50493 Y9.35354
G01 X18.74430 Y9.39539
G01 X18.98420 Y9.44057
G01 X19.22458 Y9.48827
G01 X19.46535 Y9.53769
G01 X19.70648 Y9.58804
G01 X19.94788 Y9.63849
G01 X20.18953 Y9.68827
G01 X20.43138 Y9.73654
G01 X20.67333 Y9.78254
G01 X20.91533 Y9.82544
G01 X21.15735 Y9.86444
G01 X21.39930 Y9.89874
G01 X21.64115 Y9.92757
G01 X21.88281 Y9.95007
G01 X20.89148 Y9.98678
G01 X18.61508 Y9.98678
G01 X10.94141 Y10.02350
G00 Z5.00000
G00 X12.59363 Y8.26113
G01 Z0.00000 F100.00
G01 X12.63692 Y7.46771 F400.00
G01 X13.10766 Y7.18729
G01 X14.28257 Y6.64562
G01 X13.29124 Y7.63695
G01 X12.59363 Y8.26113
G00 Z5.00000

And I will make a circle and try running it tomorrow when I get home. Thank you.
Settings file.
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Support » 04 Oct 2016, 07:13

Please post picture of a circle when you will be able to.
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Fedgar » 11 Oct 2016, 16:01

Okay, here is the photo.


I tried it a few times.
What I noticed was the motors would stop turning either X or Y axis for no apparent reason. I dont think it was jamming up, it seemed more like the motor just stopped trying to turn.
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Support » 12 Oct 2016, 09:55

Make sure that you couplings are all tightened. se if axis of motor is turning when the screw ball is not.
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Fedgar » 12 Oct 2016, 16:28

I checked that after I noticed the lines. I think it halts the motor. Obviously things happen kind of fast so its hard to tell. Is there a good way to check that kind of thing?
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Fedgar » 13 Oct 2016, 23:26

Alright. I marked a line with a sharpie along the back end of the motor shaft, on the coupling and on the screw on the X and Y. I ran it until it had problems just to see what would happen, There was no binding or slipping on that side.

After that I started attacking the driver boards. I checked the dip switches on them and behold I found that all 3 were in the up position.

I have the probostep V1 driver boards with 8 wire steppers, I found that they run very smooth and repeatable when I have them configured for half steps (IE 101 instead of the 111) that I had before.

But now for some reason my Y Phase has died. It isnt the motor or the wiring to the motor because I swapped cables and thats not a problem, I also swapped ribbon cables from the controller to the driver with no issues.

Could I have done something to the board?
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Support » 14 Oct 2016, 06:47

Please post photo of your controller.
Please check if all axes outputs of controller are working correctly. Use stepper driver that is OK and test all axes for motion. Also test if distances are correct when testing it.

It is a possibility that your drivers are faulty or maybe Y output is damaged.
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Fedgar » 17 Oct 2016, 01:23

Alright I will post a photo.

I am almost certain the driver board for the Y axis is faulty. Here is a description of my setup, and what I did to test.

I have 3 boards, that are wired out to 3 amphenol style connectors. Which are then connected to pigtails out to the motors.
First I swapped cables to the motors, So when originally the Y wouldnt work, after I swapped the Y motor and the X motor, the X motor stopped working and the Y motor worked, therefore I knew the Motors and cable on both were fine.
Next I swapped the ribbon cables coming from the Controller to the driver boards between X and Y. Same result, Y worked fine, X failed.
I also have noticed that when I plug power in, the LED lights on the Controller and Driver boards get very dim over time unless I unplug the Y driver board.

So where do I get another Driver board? The driver is the ProboStep VX with a chip SLA7078MR
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Re: Possible Problem

Postby Support » 21 Oct 2016, 06:29

If you look for exact driver I cannot really help you, try remembering where you purchase it or google it.
If you are interested in our drivers take a look here: http://planet-cnc.com/products/
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