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best way to create pushbutton-pulse for arduino using gcode

PostPosted: 07 Jun 2017, 19:03
by foamcube

we use MK3/4 boards for our Foamcube's ( ) and are looking for a simple way to trigger a pulse on an external arduino using gcode.

We would like to insert G or M commands in custom 4-axes gcode and have the MK3/4 board trigger a push-button circuit on the external arduino as it it cutting foam. e.g. the MK3/4 board should "make" a contact or close a circuit momentarily at certain positions in the gcode.

1. What G or M code would be the best way to implement (spindle control M3,M4,M5 or better idea's) ?

2. can we hook the external arduino circuit directly into MK3/4 or do we need a relay (not preferred) ?

thanks in advance,