Jog Speed & Goto Park 1 After Job Completes

Jog Speed & Goto Park 1 After Job Completes

Postby jdkerr » 02 Oct 2016, 20:47

Very new to using my PlanetCNC MK2/4 controller with a Probotix Fireball and had a couple of questions.

When Jogging (using the four arrow buttons as selected onscreen), I feel the jog speed is "slow" - and this could all be relative. I see the display says it is jogging at 979.02. How can I tell if I can jog faster or if this is a hard limit I have hit?

The second question is in regards to the Park 1 position. I am cutting pockets in a case and swap them out after each cut is complete. I would like to head to move to the Park 1 position after each job is complete, so I can remove the piece from the table. I am able to manually press to the P1 button after the job completes, but was wondering if there was an automagic way to have it done when a job completes.

Appreciate any feedback.

Thanks... John
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Re: Jog Speed & Goto Park 1 After Job Completes

Postby Support » 04 Oct 2016, 06:47

Yes, if you use DXF you can set this in import dialogue:
In "Footer" you can insert G28 or G30 so when job is completed, machine will travel to these locations (defined in settings)
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