CamBam to Planet CNC

CamBam to Planet CNC

Postby MarLi » 16 Jan 2017, 15:51


A strange thing happens; when I have more then one item in CamBam and make a toolpath for milling, everything is ok. Then I generate a Gcode and open this Gcode in Planet CNC.

The strange thing is that the 'code/function' is not complete. For example; when I have two items in CamBam, Planet just make one item complete and the second just half.

What am I doing wrong? Or can you just make a toolpath for one item a time, or do I need to 'nest' this?

Thank you for your help.
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Re: CamBam to Planet CNC

Postby blowlamp » 13 Mar 2017, 23:42

Have you purchased a licence for CamBam? If the free trials have expired then CamBam only produces a limited size of gcode file.

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