Calibration in reverse mode

Calibration in reverse mode

Postby coto94 » 02 Jun 2017, 14:54

hi, i have a MK1 USB controller for my 4 axis hot wire cutter and i have problem in the calibration of 2 stepper motors

my calibration of the 2 motor in reverse mode differs a lot than the others 2 and they make a lot of noise when they move in any speed.

the cut is accurate, so i think the calibration its ok

this is my calibrations spec: (step/units) in mm

x = 40,3550
y = 10,0360 (reverse)
u = 9,9870 (reverse)
v = 39,8670

the axis "Y" and "U" make a lot of noise, they have almost the same step/units and differs a lot than "X" and "V", the calibration its ok but i dont know why they move soo locked up.

i should change the connection of the wire and deselect the reverse option in the program? or need another config ?

and another problem is i cant edit the gcode with the program option

sorry my english :(

edit: all drivers have the same micro stepping ( 1/8 ) and this no change when i put different microstep
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