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Same Firmware Update fail

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2017, 02:52
by HobbyCAD
I started up my ECO card plugged into USB only, no external connections were made. I opened up my CNC USB Controller software, and entered the activation code you sent me. The card activated correctly. I set up the parameters, and checked the functionality by opening up a G-Code cut file. All the on-screen functions worked correctly, the file went through the complete cutting sequence.

I then wanted to check out your new TNG software. I downloaded the TNG Beta software. Starting the software, I loaded the same G-code file, all seemed fine, as the parameters of the file displayed correctly on the settings tabs, such as the 100% RPM being the speed set in the G-code file.. I then proceeded on trying to obtain the TNG license. I went to the Activation Code Generator Tab. It showed the correct device and serial number in the Device List, but the Code field did not populate with a generated activation code. I then decided to do the Driver and Card Firmware update.

Looking in the PC Device Manager window, I could see the PlanetCNC device, with the Controller as a sub-tab. Checking the Driver tab, I could see the driver was v1.0.0.1, the correct one.

I then went to the TNC software, File, Settings, Connection tab, I could see the correct controller below the Simulation entry. I then went to the Machine, Controller, Firmware Update tab, and selected update. The progress bar on the bottom right of the TNG application window showed update activity, but then a red Failed Firmware Update window popped up.

My PC now no longer recognizes the controller. I have restarted, re-installed the updated driver, no luck. My PC, and a second PC, no longer recognizes the card when plugged into a USB port.

Please advise how I could recover the functionality of my card.

Re: New PlanetCNC TNG software released!

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2017, 17:16
by mswrites
1/ Is there a manual for this new software
2/ Is there a conversion from old software. Like a templet
3/ How can I restore to defaults
4/ How do I reverse axes

Re: New PlanetCNC TNG software released!

PostPosted: 02 May 2017, 18:04
by Jimmydee004
I asked this question sometime ago and received no reply. I don't know if it was misunderstood or if I offended someone. If so, that was not my intent. I asked:

I have been using your MK3/4 controller and software for sometime now to run Arnold. My cnc is a three axis. Is there any reason for me to upgrade?

Looks like there is a bit involved to convert to the TNG software.

Jim Markevitch
Grapevine, TX

I like to stay abreast of the latest software but only if there is a benefit.

Re: New PlanetCNC TNG software released!

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2017, 02:11
by bdinger
I managed to install the software, and update the firmware but how do I get the licence working? Do I need a new licence?
I don't seem to be able to roll the firmware back in the old software either, that gives me an 'unknown error' so now I'm in limbo with a simulation only :(

Re: New PlanetCNC TNG software released!

PostPosted: 15 Jun 2017, 14:19
by Support
Please follow steps from this link in order to successfully update your MK3,Mk3/3 or Mk3ECO controller with TNG software, obtain TNG activation code, TNG license or how to revert back to old CNC USB controller software: ... tutorials/

Please NOTE:
TNG software is supported only with Mk3 series of controller: Mk3, Mk3/4, Mk3ECO
Old CNC USB controller license does not work with TNG software. Please see steps above for obtaining TNG license. If you have old license you do not need to purchase tng license.