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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby traderdays » 31 Dec 2015, 23:37

I would like to have some icons that would toggle off and on that could be set to output pins. I have my mk3 power supply and stepper drivers set up to a light switch. It would be nice to have an icon to turn them off and on through software with a relay on an out put pin.This would also give me a visual so I would not have to look at the lights on the boards or switch. If you added several icons I am sure I could find something to use them for. If you could set a variable in set up to name them and activate them on the screen that would be great..
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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby Csaba87 » 03 Jan 2016, 14:15

A lot of people would like the Axis 4 tangential controlled.
Antiseptics can be used to cut materials such as .: sticker.
I would like mirrors and glass cut.
It is important to turn scratch along the arc.
The Mach3 is a standard option.
I do not like the Mach3 was.
It is expected such a development in the PlanetCnC?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby Support » 04 Jan 2016, 14:40

Thank you all for your prepositions.
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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby Saracen » 14 Jan 2016, 14:10

Could I request that the gcode window scrolls once the highlighted line of code reaches the middle of the window, so that same number of lines of code above and below the currently active line is displayed ?

This would allow me to keep an eye on the upcoming lines of code without having to use the mouse to manually scroll the window.

Once the end of the code is displayed at the bottom of the window, the highlighted line could move down to it as it does at present.

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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby zumpitu » 09 Feb 2016, 14:44

Hi !

Thank you very much to give us the chance to post ours opinion about improvement

For me.. as other people say ... will be Very important to have the "undo" option when resetting the 0 coordinate, for the machine and for the offset... A small error can make big problem

Also will be good have a confirmation button about it.

Another thinks.. I dont know if is possible ... when you make transformation of the Gcode, like a rotation for example the path on the 3D view change but not the Gcode... Will be nice to have also a Gcode version of the transformation

This can be good if you want to place the machine over a precise point

Thank you !

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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby zohozer » 06 Mar 2016, 19:14

An option to chose font size and shape for gcode window will be very useful. On big screen the fons looks too small.
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I am changing my preferred language in Taiwan

Postby bao625 » 20 Mar 2016, 15:08

I do not understand English can not use cncusb
I'm into my usual apps you change the language of Taiwan
Excuse me "Import Airfoil" Windows Internal Code What
I can not translate
Thank you

I use google translation
translate language
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translate language
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translate language
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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby saiyan » 12 May 2016, 07:39

saiyan wrote:+1 For Me

I work from the beginning with this Andrej Soft & MK1 card, this Soft (& Usb Hardware) is really the best I've had (I recommend also to all my friends in France) it lacks a customizable interface(select what is diplayed, toolbars dockable, colors edit) end is it will reach perfection......


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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby HobbyCAD » 02 Jun 2016, 08:07

The current software works like a charm, but there are always things we miss.

What I really miss is a spindle RPM display under the axis position read-outs, and a slider to set the speed from 0 to max.

I miss some quick access to jog speed selections, maybe a dropdown box with Slow, Medium, Fast, Step, 0.25, 1, 10 jog selections. The Fast Medium and Slow parameters are set in the settings pages.

The Spindle, Mist and Flood functions have on-screen selections. Maybe add Aux-1, Aux-2 and Aux-3 as well, to gain quick control of 3 more output functions? Such Aux functions will typically be used to control a relay for Dust Extractor etc.
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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby plan123 » 03 Jun 2016, 16:47

I hope you add a potentiometer function (0-300%). 3 potentiometers for the management are the best choice. First for rapid move, second for feed rate and third for the spindle speed.
Function of the coordinate system on the screen would be very useful.
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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby kenniffs » 08 Aug 2016, 20:38

I would like a more powerful DXF editor that shows all the toolpaths -including the Z axis.
It should have the ability to edit all the paths more logically.
Or maybe it should recognise that the machine is a 4-axis hot wire cutter in the first place and delete the Z axis movements altogether?
The number of times I have to go back and edit a DXF again and again to get rid of illogical Z axis movements is very frustrating.

Text import needs a bit more work. It does not recognise the outline only of the text which then requires quite a bit of editing to remove 'overlap'.

Bear in mind that my application is to drive a 4-axis hot wire cutter...
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Re: Your opinions and ideas

Postby kenniffs » 10 Aug 2016, 05:56

Oh, and one more thing when editing DXF's, can you please, [u]please,[u] allow selection of more than one item at a time?
When cleaning up the toolpaths in the DXF editor being able to select one segment at a time really slows things down.
Perhaps you could implement a selection box arrangement?

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