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Postby bsc95 » 02 Nov 2017, 15:52

Hi there!

I am using a CNC 3020 and I am having problems in the calibration process of the USB CNC Controller.

I used the SPU calibration present in settings. I am able to calibrate the X axis making it move 100mm in the positive direction (I did some iterations to improve the accuracy). However, the problem comes when I command it to move in the negative direction, in which case it moves longer, i.e. I tell it to go from X100 to X0 and it moves around 145mm instead of 100mm.
At first I thought this could be due to some mechanical problem, but then I reversed the axis direction and calibrated again from X0 to X100 (in the physical direction that used to be negative previously). Once it's calibrated at this distance I make it move 100mm in the negative direction (former positive direction), and it moves way farther again (140-150mm approx.). This suggests there is no problem with the mechanism moving in either direction.

I have tried different speeds and it does not solve it.

The same situation occurs in the Y axis.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me understand why the proper SPU apparently changes depending on the direction of movement; and how I would be able to calibrate the device properly.

Thanks in advance.
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