I do not understand? Steps per mm?

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I do not understand? Steps per mm?

Postby Comuter83 » 09 Aug 2017, 20:15

I do not understand? Steps per mm?
Right now, I use microstepping 1/32 and have an increase of 5mm per revolution.
Then the calculation will be 200 * 32/5 = 1280 steps per revolution.
But I have to use 2000 stepps per unit to match the real movement. So that 1mm is 1mm in reality.
The stepping motors I use are Nema 34 / 1.8deg.

Link to the stepping motors below

I have heard that driving a lower microstepping like 1/8 but it goes too slowly then 800mm / min :( . I would like to get some speed on the machine. And therefore I use 1/32 for then I get up to a speed of 3000mm / min :D

If it's a bit strange written it's because i used google translate.
I spell bad in English

I thank so much for all the help I can get
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Re: I do not understand? Steps per mm?

Postby Support » 11 Aug 2017, 11:47

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