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USB CNC Program freezing

Postby Phukdat » 23 May 2017, 02:58

Hello all,
I am having some issues with the program freezing and resetting everything to zero. While running a program, randomly the mill stops, the buttons go grey and then when it comes back, all three axis are reset to zero. I have the MK1 controller sold by I had some issues with noise that were caused by non shielded cables. I fixed that issue by replacing all cables with shielded and it was smooth as can be while running but still has the random stopping and resetting issue. I tried to narrow it down to what could be causing it. I turned off all the stepper drivers and power supplies so that only the USB controller is connected. The issue still occurred. It is never in the same spot in the program either. I started to look at a possible USB connection issue and could not find anything wrong there. Then I looked at the processor while running and I think I may be on to something there. I have a 2Ghz processor and 3GB of RAM so I have more than the minimum requirements for the USB CNC program. While the program is running, I monitored the processor usage in the task manager and saw that the processor jumps from 2-5% before the G-Code runs to 85-100% while the G-Code is running!!! When the program freezes and resets everything to zero, it looks as if the processor is getting hit major and tries to process too much information and freezes in tern causing USB communication to freeze and reset everything to zero. That is my educated guess at least. I also notice that the task bar at the bottom left corner always says 11 of 14 while running G-Code. Is that normal??? I thought it might have been the G-Code that I was running so I used one of the wizards and created a simple circle to cut and the processor was at the same percentage of usage during that program as well.
I am uploading my settings and the G-Code that I was running. Can someone please shine some light on my situation? Am I missing a setting somewhere that is causing these issues?
Big Mill_5-20-17.setting
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Long Clamps.tap
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Re: USB CNC Program freezing

Postby Support » 01 Aug 2017, 14:46

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