Coordinating X and Z speeds

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Coordinating X and Z speeds

Postby SteveTomo » 28 Apr 2017, 02:55

Hi there, I am using the Mk2 controller and often cut at a relatively high speed on the x axis. However when running along the x axis and the part has a small vertical bump the Z is not fast enough to go to the required new height and will start gouging and lose Z position.
Z is height and X is longitudinal on my machine.
I have tried to control this in the cam software by limiting z speed but this does not work
The only way I can but this part is to manually slow down the X travel when it cuts the vertical bump.
Is there a way to make a limit in the controller setup so that the x axis will slow so that the Z can keep up and move to the new position?
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Re: Coordinating X and Z speeds

Postby Support » 26 May 2017, 11:13

In Settings/Lookahead -> enable "Dominant Axis Change"
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