No Signal to Stepper Drivers (New PC with MK3)

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No Signal to Stepper Drivers (New PC with MK3)

Postby SpindleJockey » 25 Feb 2017, 16:32


The computer connected to my MK3 controller finally died, so I am now installing a new PC and control software.

So far, this is what has been done:

- New PC (running Win7)
- Planet CNC software v 2.10.1701.1001
- Planet CNC driver
- dotnetfx35setup
- Activated license
- Reset controller (via bootloader)
- Updated firmware

All file installations, controller reset and firmware updates were successful.

During the controller reset, and during the firmware update, I noticed that the MK3 controller was sending a signal to the stepper drivers (motors were buzzing slightly), but once the reset and firmware update was completed, the signal to the stepper drivers stopped.

Currently, the stepper drivers and motors all seem to be functioning correctly; however, they do not appear to be getting any signal from the MK3 controller. Normally, the motors would be energized and ready to go. At this point, the motors will not jog and there is absolutely no sound coming from them when powered. (When I press the jog arrows, the tool select and tool change icons seem to be triggered - they flash. Maybe this has nothing to do with the problem; however, I found this to be strange and I thought it was worth mentioning.)

The software GUI seems normal, with all of the icons and features in color, and the Flood and Mist icons are active (they properly trigger my cooling system).

I have tried everything that I can think of, and I assume this problem must be related to a setting that needs to be configured to provide a signal to the stepper drivers.

Any ideas?

Attached is the current setting file.

Thank you.

Tom the SpindleJockey
Platform Settings.setting
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Re: No Signal to Stepper Drivers (New PC with MK3)

Postby Support » 27 Feb 2017, 09:01

Try configuring setting: Motor Enable and Invert values. File/Settings/Axes
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