How to use the g31 and thc in the mk3 driver?

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How to use the g31 and thc in the mk3 driver?

Postby ersonm » 09 Nov 2016, 03:47

Hi, I want to replace mach3 controller with usb controller for a plasma machine, but I know apart from the fact that I need the proma THC, as I control z-axis every time that lower to find 0 unless you stop the machine, thank you
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Re: How to use the g31 and thc in the mk3 driver?

Postby Support » 09 Nov 2016, 14:48

Yes, you can use THC PROMA with Mk3 controller: ... a-cutters/

Procedure for Plasma cutting (using floating Z axis and THC) with PlanetCNC controller and software:

1. In File/Settings set:
Settings/Input/ Input_n/Sensor .....................................with this you configure your input for floating axis limit switch
Settings/Axes/Options/THC/THC Enable -> enable.........with this you will enable THC (how to wire your THC device)

2. Bottom code is a short demonstration program with material surface detection:
Before start, Z axis offset should be zero, also make sure that you erase tool offset in Machine/Tools/Zero Tool Offset

G00 Z20 (the torch about 20 mm above the material)
G10 L7 R-3 (machine starts to descent in order to measure material surface; R-value represents the distance of your floating axis from the moment it starts to float to the moment it triggers limit switch(R -XX), this value should be measured on your machine)
G00 Z10 (raising the torch 10mm above the material)
G00 Z4 (lowering the torch 4mm above the material)
M3 (Ignition of plasma ON)
G04 P1 (time to pierce the material 1s)

You cannot include these lines of g-code automatically in DXF import dialog, however, you can do this:
​When DXF import opens, you can insert this line: G10 L7 R-XX in the Processing -> "Header" input window.
​This way, for each DXF import this g-code line will be added to the beginning of the program and in your case this will initiate the measuring of surface height.
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