Retrofit an older CNC - Multicam MT-22

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Retrofit an older CNC - Multicam MT-22

Postby tnwalkinghorse » 09 Mar 2015, 04:37

Hello, I am new to this forum and had a few questions. Please forgive me as I am not sure if I am posting this in the correct forum. I have an older Multicam MT-22 that I am looking to upgrade. I have heard a a lot about Planet CNC so I thought I would give it a. I guess my questions are:

1. Can the Multicam MT-22 be upgraded?
2. Will the control pad still work? Or does Planet CNC offer a pad?
3. Will I be able to use VCarve Pro with Planet CNC's equipment?
4. Do I have to change out any of the motors, sensors...etc?
5. If this machine can be much..which kit..and long will it take to set up everything?

Sorry for all the questions. But thanks in advance for your answers. Looking forward to reading some of the comments. Also, would love to hear from someone that has done this on a Multicam before. Thanks again! -Matt
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Re: Retrofit an older CNC - Multicam MT-22

Postby Support » 09 Mar 2015, 09:53

1.) Multicam can be up-graded (retrofitted) to our controller.

2.) Do you mean some kind of a jogging keyboard or pendant?
We offer both in our web shop:

3.) You can generate some g-code and test it with our software:
Here is the download link:
However all machine based features will be disabled since you do not have controller yet.

4.) Could you take some pictures of your existing electrical equipment?
Motors, motor drivers, power supply, sensors.

5.) It depends what would you like to change, if only controller then this would be for the price of controller
but if you would use new power supply and additional items the price comes little higer. Usually everything is setup very quickly and without major problems.


-Controller: Mk3 or Mk3/4

-Motor drivers: Depends on your equipment (we need your specification).
We offer very reliable quality stepper motor drivers for low as also high powers.

Power supply:: Depends on your equipment.
We offer PSUs for 24V and 46V of proper powers.

Output board:
for spindle on/off, RPM spindle control or flood, mist vacuum etc..

Jogging keyboard and/or pendant:
Its very useful for jogging machine when applying offsets etc...

Various items:
Adapters for easy connection of limit switches, motor drivers, sensors.

This list can be easily shortened if you need only basic items (only controller etc..)

You can calculate price in our web shop with adding items to the chart.
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Re: Retrofit an older CNC - Multicam MT-22

Postby Jimmydee004 » 09 Mar 2015, 14:20

Howdy from Grapevine, TX . . . . . . . . .

I am the one that the Planet CNC folks arte referring to below. I have the MultiCam 22 Plus which is a year or two older than yours.

I'm still working on the cnc router upgrade. The big problem with the project for me is I know just enough to be dangerous. The few prints that MultiCam provided are not the most accurate. Example, the schematics say I have NEMA 34 stepper motors when in fact they are NEMA 23 steppers.

I would have to say the MultiCam keypad will not work but the Planet CNC folks offer a small keypad to do jogging plus with their software you have a great visual display.

I checked with the MultiCam folks to see what an upgrade would cost and was quoted $8+ k to upgrade.

I am lucky in that my machine still works with the old software and components so I can take my time doing the upgrade. The more I dig into it the more I realize I need to just gut all the motion control electronics.

I have started the new build by buying the MK3/4 controller board, 40VDC power supply. Next will be the drivers and stepper motors, a real challenge as the machine design put the steppers on the inside of CNC not the outside mount like most machines so the size of the steppers has to be spot-on. Planet CNC is supposed to come out with new stepper drivers and that is what I am waiting for now.

I would suggest you download the software and take a look at it and see if will meet your needs than decide how much you want to dig into you CNC.

Any questions give me a yell.

Jim Markevitch
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Re: Retrofit an older CNC - Multicam MT-22

Postby tnwalkinghorse » 16 Mar 2017, 14:09


Thanks for the response, even though I disappeared for a while. Digging this old project back up. Was just wondering if you ever finished your Multicam. Thanks! -Matt
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