Problem I didn´t know

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Problem I didn´t know

Postby udoscnc » 29 Oct 2017, 16:25

Hi there,
sorry about my bad english but my homecountry is germany.

I am a newcomer in cnc and so I did not know if I am to stupid or it is a really problem!?
I am working with a cheaper milling machine from ebay, the software they recommend is
I got the machine working with a workpiece created by cad and output *dxf

The machine is calibrated by cncusb so that the length should be equal in x and y axis.
The tests will be OK.
But when the machine is milling a workpeace, nearly all the length are different!!!???

I was chanching the stepmotors to try out if there is a problem in hardware - nothing
The shafts are working smooth and I could not see any physical problem.
Is it possible that I forgot any attitude in cncusb that produced the problem?

At small circles or rectangles the machine works very well, but at more complex parts
the polygon ends in uacceptable distance (workpiece 6-7cm a distance in x and y more
than 10mm!)

If someone has an idea I would be so glad

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Re: Problem I didn´t know

Postby Support » 03 Nov 2017, 10:46

PlanetCNC forum will be closing within next month.

There are multiple reasons, mainly spam, because of which we need to constantly maintain the forum which prevents from users have quick support.

Main support operates via support tickets on our home page:
We really recommend that for any support questions or info regarding our products, you use this ticketing system.

You can also use our support mail at:

We will continue our community support forum on CNCZONE:

On CNCZONE users can discuss anything related to PlanetCNC or CNC.

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