I am real new and need help

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I am real new and need help

Postby jganley » 15 May 2017, 23:24

First off how do I know what controller I have Mine say's MINI-CNC ENGRAVING MACHINES T-D 3 Axis Controller.
After numerous tries I finally was able to register the software that came with the machine except for one glitch; Software is CNC USB Controller
I am still having a problem with the License, I did as you (you being the seller) say and hooked up the T-d 3 Axis Controller turned on the computer and the program registered the following number : MUQC-ACEG-RYXD-EHHN Serial: 054236
I then copied the next number and pasted it into the Registration Key Box : IibbTknG05i/ICrEL6su9hapHQmwJ/1N4tDbH0cKiFyg7oZO+JipQyG7do/v1893rppZAHCw1tu1DCo1+ncKtA and I click OK. I now get a message:
Evaluation Version!
This is limited evaluation version.
After registration all limitations will be removed.
I must be doing something wrong but anyway I now have the software working I think, well I plugged in the usb to my PC (Win7 64 bit) also I have the UC100 Parallel port adapter. I can get the spindle to lower and sometimes it will raise the spindle. The forward and reverse works OK (makes a lot of noise) and the side to side does not work, also with the controller off I can turn the steppe motors
easily and with the controller on the motors are quite hard to turn.
I apolagize for not knowing the correct terminology but I am very new.
Thank you for helping.
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Re: I am real new and need help

Postby Support » 17 May 2017, 09:35

Many, many users got tricked into buying these machines/controllers. Now, while machine itself is pretty solid product, there is no mentioning that controller that is included is a fake.

Looks like you have one of Chinese counterfeit boards: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=520
We do not support these boards and therefore we cannot be responsible for any hardware or license malfunction.

These boards are based on our first Mk1 controller which is obsolete and is not supported.
Many of its features are outdated and there is no software/firmware development.
It has a small buffer and weak processor, which reflects on bad machine performance.

You can purchase original controller and/or license in our web shop:

At the end of the day we understand your struggle, you could not know what you are buying.
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