Controlling AC Servo for "Spindle control"

Controlling AC Servo for "Spindle control"

Postby cdfleischmann » 05 May 2017, 00:26

Hello folks, sorry if this has been asked before, but after some hours of googling and reading through forums, I a still a little bit stuck.

What I a trying to do is use my mk3/9 axis planet cnc controller (with or without) the output board to control a servo. I am wanting to use an AC Servo motor as my spindle motor.

The spindle motor I am looking at is here: which has a good user manual here: and this servo motor is controlled by the following which seems to suggest it accepts the following as per the attachent/image and its manual here:

What I am niavely trying to do is set up the servo drive similar to that of the VFD that I have and use, like the BLOG post here:

Any thoughts or recommendations as to whether I can do this or not? Ideally, I want to control an AC Servo motor (for its torque/curve/RPM) ratio to control a belt driven BT30 ATC Spindle for metal CNC'ing.

Any help or advice much appreciated. I am of course asking the AC Drive manufacturer, but I think its more a wiring and planet cnc thing than a AC Drive "issue"

Thanks again,

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