Vacuum clamping and mk3/4 inputs

Vacuum clamping and mk3/4 inputs

Postby DmacTheMaker2 » 11 Apr 2017, 16:33

Hello all -

I have a diy mill using a mk3/4 planet cnc controller, along with a huanyang vfd and spindle. Also using the planetcnc app on a windows pc.

I need to use vacuum clamping for most of my work, and I need the machine to "pull out" if the vacuum source ( vaccuum pump system with a reserve ) drops below a certain level. Ideally, the spindle would stop and pull all the way up to the z limit, as well as toggle pause or program stop.

I plan to do that with a vacuum switch that will connect to the inputs on the mk3/4, which would be set in the settings to perform

I know I can attach certain actions to the inputs in the settings like start, stop, and even pause, but I am wondering if I can set custom actions or multiple actions, like a macro.

Any ideas?

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Re: Vacuum clamping and mk3/4 inputs

Postby Support » 13 Apr 2017, 11:58

With old CNC USB controller software this is not supported.

With our new TNG software you can write scripts, re-configure already existing g-code procedures for M3, M6, etc. We believe that TNG is exactly what you need.

Please follow steps from this link in order to successfully update your MK3,Mk3/3 or Mk3ECO controller with TNG software, obtain TNG activation code, TNG license or how to revert back to old CNC USB controller software: ... tutorials/

Please NOTE:
TNG software is supported only with Mk3 series of controller: Mk3, Mk3/4, Mk3ECO
Old CNC USB controller license does not work with TNG software. Please see steps above for obtaining TNG license(if you already have license for old software then TNG license is free).
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Re: Vacuum clamping and mk3/4 inputs

Postby DmacTheMaker2 » 13 Apr 2017, 12:10

Excellent. Thanks!

Good reason to upgrade to TNG. I will post back if I have any questions.
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