Plasma thc not working

Plasma thc not working

Postby gabionose » 07 Apr 2017, 05:07

Hello, i bought a Proma THC 150 for floating head , connected with my mk3/4 board , gnd---com , jog 3----up , jog4----down , as i use axis number 2 to control Z , the problem is that when i run the program the thc control is not working , PROMA THC 150 sends signals to go up or down but the mk3/4 refuse to jog .

Please help me .
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Re: Plasma thc not working

Postby Support » 11 Apr 2017, 08:58

Please configure your settings so that your Z axis is on Axis 3 and Y axis is on Axis2.
Please connect your THC control signals to Jog pin 7 and Jog pin 8 of jog connector.
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