Connection loss and firm update

Connection loss and firm update

Postby heriwihartoyo » 21 Mar 2017, 05:21

Frequently, my MK3 suddenly not connected. I already use high quality USB cables
Connected again after execute firmware update

Secondly, we need many time to do firmware update untill succesfully done.
although we already did Jumper method
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Re: Connection loss and firm update

Postby Support » 23 Mar 2017, 14:37

All symptoms that you described earlier are indicating problems caused by a electromagnetic interference: ... terference

This occurrence interferes with the USB communication, which as a results drops and communication between controller and PC is terminated.

You see, electro motors, VFDs etc...are sources of EMI and therefore your wiring and other devices should be properly shielded and filtered. You would need to use shielded cables and use line filters for VFD. Also controller needs to use external power supply for its stable operation. ... lerMk3.pdf (page 32)
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