TTL laser controls

TTL laser controls

Postby emmanuelhupiter » 15 Jan 2018, 14:21

Hello, I am sorry for the naiveté of my question because I am new in this activity.
I have a Laser with a controller card on which there is a TTL conector.
I want to control the ignition of my laser with the MK3 / 4 card
Do I have to connect the + TTL of my laser to Out 1 of the USB card and the - TTL to GND output of the MK3 / 4 card?
If this is not the procedure, can you tell me what would be most relevant?
I also notice a voltage of 0.05v on the TTL jack when the laser is on.
Otherwise what are the GCODE commands to use to turn on or off the laser in the program?
I thank you for your help because I am a little lost :)
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