Output board query

Output board query

Postby molliemilo » 04 Oct 2017, 18:40

I have set up a huanyang VFD with a 2.2kw,using the Mk3/9axis controller and the planet cnc output board.When Idle, I have 10 volts to the VFD.I have started the spindle,using the toolbar icon and it shows me a speed of aprox 14,000 rpm, with a voltage of 5.8 volts.Problem is,it only runs for about 6 seconds and the relay then cuts out.I can re-start,but after a very short time,cuts out again.Have followed the tutorial to the letter and am now at a loss.Am using the 10 pin ribbon cable with pin 5 for on/off and pin 6 for speed.Any suggestions
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Re: Output board query

Postby Support » 05 Oct 2017, 14:42

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