How to control servo using ouput 1 2 6 pin SendOutputRC

How to control servo using ouput 1 2 6 pin SendOutputRC

Postby cliffford » 28 Jul 2017, 19:44

Hi, PlanetCNC
We purchased your MK3 controller because your guys claimed the driver can do 9 axis stepper motor control plus 3 servo motor control. We have no problem to implement the 9 axis but have trouble to control the servo. we found it is very poorly documented or maybe not supported at all. Hopefully I am wrong.
After digging out all possible resources and reverse engineer your dll, we finally found an undocumented method sendoutputrc( output pin, position).
My question is if this API function is supported by windows command line something like
>PlanetCNC64.exe sendoutputrc 1 100
the above line doesn't work. if it is supported what correct format it should be? if not, I wonder if then TNG version dll still support this method.
Lastly, I am trying to control two servo motors for pan and tilt function on a 3 beam scanner. Besides the output 1, 2,6, is there any other way to control servo motor ? any document to show how to control 3 servo motors and switch among them freely. (Not the spindle control in the setting file )
Thanks for your help.
Frustrated customer.
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