API cannot connect the controller

API cannot connect the controller

Postby wugamp » 31 May 2015, 04:39

Dear All, I want to controll a CNCUSB controller with CNCUSBControllerAPI.dll.
Here are some background information:
1. C# on Windows XP.
2. The controller is a Chinese clone of MK1. The firmware version is 20130331.
3. CNCUSBControllerAPI.dll is of 2.10.1011.1501 version.

The controller must be OK, because it works with CNCUSB.
But when my C# runs, the API cannot connect the controller.
I check the API and I found that it only works with "HID". However, the controller is "planet CNC" device. I think this is the reason.
Now the problem is: how to make the controller a HID, or how to get another API?
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Re: API cannot connect the controller

Postby Support » 16 Jun 2016, 07:20

Terribly sorry for such late reply.
You still need help with the answers?
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