Using a 3 axis CNC as a 3D Printer.

Using a 3 axis CNC as a 3D Printer.

Postby domtw » 23 Feb 2016, 20:07

I am a happy weekend user of CNC USB Controller with a Mk3 board with my 3 axis CNC and Aspire.

I was thinking that it would be fun to convert the CNC into a 3D printer.

"Printer" is a machine type in the general parameters of the software, so I guess it's possible

I would need an extruder and some filament.
But, how would I controle this extruder, to melt or not to melt?

What else would I need ?

Which software (free if possible) would convert stl into G-code for a printer?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

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Re: Using a 32 axis CNC as a 3D Printer.

Postby Support » 24 Feb 2016, 14:45

It has been done, that users have converted their machines to 3D printers using our sw/hw.

You can use this software to create g-code:

You should use external PID controller for temperature control. You could use some external equipment so that informs controller when to start with printing. I.e.: you could wire signal from this external device to controllers Pause input wich would then proceed with program execution.
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