CNC Z axis and pendant

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CNC Z axis and pendant

Postby cerdeira » 04 Apr 2017, 20:12


I have got your pendant, adapter and MK2 controler.
When using pendant to control my CNC, Y and X axis work well, i can change between them whith the pendant dial and every thing goes well.
But for the Z axis i have a problem. If i switch to Z axis with the dial coming from X or Y axis, Z axis does not work. However, if i switch first to any of other axis and then switch back to Z axis it works well.

It has been like this from the beginning but i did not care, sinse now i am assembling a 4th axis i wont it to work well without going forward and then back again to Z.

Any idea of what might be wrong?.

Jose Cerdeira
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Re: CNC Z axis and pendant

Postby Support » 11 Apr 2017, 09:19

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