Coordinate visualization on an external display

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Coordinate visualization on an external display

Postby KrisKelvin » 05 Oct 2016, 14:10

======= Announcement =======

Coordinate visualization program on an external display for all controllers

I imagine the total consideration and discussion.

The program is a communication driver program Planet CNC and external display.
Display connection is carried out via a standard COM port or RS-485 (ModBus RTU).
Data transmission in one direction.

Type of the connected controller is not important. (I tested on the MK1)

Displaying data
X, Y, Z, A-coordinates,
spindle movement speed
JOG set speed
OVRD set speed

search for available COM ports
setting numbers COM port
setting the COM port speed
changing the time between the transmission of packets
selection of interface COM port and RS-485 (ModBus RTU)
packet format configuration
saving set parameters in a text file "settings.ini"
start packet sending at the start of the program or manually
run the program in the system tray or in the expanded form

External display
I have written for the moment this module
ATMega16 and graphic display 64x128.
Even easier to do on display lowercase type 16h2,4 x 20 or similar
Since the protocol exchange between the program and display the fully open
and configurable, will not be difficult to write a simple program for all
microcontroller and display type in its sole discretion and requirements.

Today, the RS-485 protocol (ModBus RTU) is not yet debugged and completed.

Justified criticism, suggestions and business proposals
accepted with great interest !!
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Re: Coordinate visualization on an external display

Postby F_Swart » 09 Mar 2017, 07:02

I see alot of potential in this.

Any further developments or more information?
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