Output Board --how to---....

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Output Board --how to---....

Postby pinto » 25 Jun 2016, 20:46

I have fitted the outputboard to my MK 2/4 and I used to switch my Kress ( Spindle) on and off, no problem.
Now i got a HF Spindle with HY02D023B Controler and rewired everything to the instructions as shown on the
" Controlling spindle with output board"

right now nothing happends.

1. do I still need the 12v powersupply? it is not on the fotos.... :) but I guess - yes.
2. when I conect everything can I start the spindle with the icon in the software?
3. do i have a possibilety to adjust the speed in the software? How?
4. Will the CNC software recocknice spindle revs I put in using sheetcam?

thanks for reading :)

Greetings Michael :shock:
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Re: Output Board --how to---....

Postby Support » 27 Jun 2016, 11:17

1. Yes, absolutely you still need PSU for output board
2. Yes, you will be able to start/stop spindle from toolbar icon and with M3/M5 g-code from program
3. Yes, you can set spindle speed with S g-code from program or with slider from Machine/Spindle menu
4. Yes, you can set S value in SheetCAM, also prior to that you need to test which value for min and max gives what RPM on your spindle. Settings/Output/Spindle&Coolant -> Min and Max
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