XHC WHB03 WHB04 mpg support

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Re: XHC WHB03 WHB04 mpg support

Postby jarekk » 08 Jul 2015, 08:02

Has anyone seen this one ?
Zdjęcie-0071.jpg (110.93 KiB) Viewed 1206 times

Marked as PHB03-S

A bit different data structures ( more like WHB04 )

Code: Select all
struct   phb03_out_data
   /* header of our packet */
   uint16_t   magic;
   /* day of the month .. funny i know*/
   uint8_t      day;
   /* work pos */
   uint16_t   x_wc_int;
   uint16_t   x_wc_frac;
   uint16_t   y_wc_int;
   uint16_t   y_wc_frac;
   uint16_t   z_wc_int;
   uint16_t   z_wc_frac;
   /* machine pos */
   uint16_t   x_mc_int;
   uint16_t   x_mc_frac;
   uint16_t   y_mc_int;
   uint16_t   y_mc_frac;
   uint16_t   z_mc_int;
   uint16_t   z_mc_frac;

   /* markers */
   uint8_t    step_mul;
   uint8_t    wheel_mode


Different coding for values ( here from value with 0.001 units)

Code: Select all
void whb04_cnv(int32_t value,uint16_t * v_int,uint16_t * v_fr)
   uint16_t neg = 0;

   if(value < 0)
      neg = 0x8000;
      value = -value;

   *v_int = value / 1000;
   *v_fr  = (value %1000)*10 | neg;


Same coding for step_mul, wheel_mode like this:

0x10 - flash yes/no leds
0x40 - show 'A:'
0x80 - show 'inch' instead of 'mm'

I was unable to switch it to speed/feedrate display ( not sure it supports it).
Maybe someone had more luck ?
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Re: XHC WHB03 WHB04 mpg support

Postby astroas » 28 Sep 2016, 22:43

Has anyone used the WHB04B?
WHB04B.jpg (115.41 KiB) Viewed 858 times

I would like to use it in my own project and trying to work out how to write to the LCD.
The HID Set Feature Request data structure is different to the WHB04.
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Re: XHC WHB03 WHB04 mpg support

Postby panimac » 16 Nov 2016, 12:00

jhoexp wrote:Well, the comunication works from mpg to usbcnc, but the display on the pendant doesn't.

Hi, i have the same issue... Tried to fix it with fix_entries.reg like "Moonglow" said but still not working.

Anyone know if there is a way fix the problem?
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Re: XHC WHB03 WHB04 mpg support

Postby t991731 » 19 Apr 2017, 13:54

It seems to be a dead thread, but has anyone tried this with the TNG software?
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Re: XHC WHB03 WHB04 mpg support

Postby Support » 21 Apr 2017, 10:35

This pendant is not supported with PlanetCNC controllers.
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