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Mobile Control

Postby Pete550 » 13 Dec 2015, 16:02


Because I wanted a mobile control (wireless mpg) and overview of my machine, I've just written a program for it.
Server application runs on the main pc (where PlanetCNC Software runs) and clients can connect to it.

- Client Application for android(2.3.1 - 5.0) , iphone, windows
- smartphone and tablet optimized
- Full connection from everywhere over a internet connection.
- Live Camera window
- Full Jog Mode
- Start / Stop / Estop
- Status, Work, Tool Offsets
- 3D Table with current mill position
- Push Notifications (Job Finish, Tool change needed)

I'll add a few more features in future.

i have long running jobs, so its possible for me to leave the cnc room and monitor it with my smartphone.
Back on my cnc i can use it to control and jog without a long cable.

20151213_162459.jpg (112.02 KiB) Viewed 1075 times

20151213_161527.jpg (131.76 KiB) Viewed 1075 times
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Re: Mobile Control

Postby Support » 14 Dec 2015, 08:37

Very nice. Thank you for your contribution.
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Re: Mobile Control

Postby buddhafragt » 15 Dec 2015, 13:51

Hello Pete,
nice work!
Can you share the program with us?

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Re: Mobile Control

Postby Pete550 » 24 Dec 2015, 13:26

sure, i have to clean up and improve the code a little bit first.
i can upload the app to google play store when its done.
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Re: Mobile Control

Postby ltdparkinson » 14 Apr 2016, 22:54

Very well done ;)

Is it realesed yet? In that case whats the name on play store?

Kind regards
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