Cheapest wireless jogging pendant You'll ever use

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Cheapest wireless jogging pendant You'll ever use

Postby terrybaker » 19 Mar 2014, 16:34

This is the cheapest wireless jogging pendant
you'll ever use.

I have built/used various commercial and homebrew
jogging boxes over the years and always had issues with
them. They were either too expensive or too limited or
cumbersom. After about a year of using CNC_USB Software
I discovered a host of programed keys that could be
re-programed to just about anything that the software
does thru menus or mouse jestures. One of the most
useful functions I found was for xyz or abc... jogging.

After the discovery, I purchase a NUMBER_key_input pad (mine
is wireless) from EBAY for under $7.00 (free shipping)
I chose one with no moveable keys -just a flat surface so chips
do not get lodged in side the keys.
Below are photos, one of the new keypad and one with
the re-programmed and color-coded keys (cn01 and cn02).

The final re-programming version is one of about
ten configurations I tried. You can probably find
dozens more to your liking. You can also program keys
to do more than just jog. You can scan down the list
of key functions and re-assign any function to almost
any key.

To find these functions, click on file, settings,
user_interface, keys.
Then there are two choices. "jogging" and "other".
My re-programming uses parameters in both of these.

Before you re-program any of these,
some pre-cautions are in order. By default, many of the
num-key pad keys are already used and cannot be used
more than once. You should scan down every function, and
any keys you plan to use should be either re-assigned or
deleted. To del or re-assign, highlight the current
function setting with your mouse. For example, you will
see at the top of the "jogging" screen the currently
assigned key stroke(s).
If you delete the current assignment (assign 0 and hit the
"set" key, the old key stroke is deleted. Similarly, a new
key stroke can be assigned by just touching it. Its new
number-code is then shown in-lieu-of the old. Then just
click the "set" box an its re-assigned. If you mess-up
just click the "default" box and all is forgiven.

Below are screen shots of each step I used. The first is under
"jogging". The next under "other". The changes I made
are boxed in red. (CNC03,CNC04,CNC05)

Here is the re-programming I did that matches the colored
keypad Photo CNC02.

fyi, DIR is HEAD direction not coordinate

NORMAL AXIS JOG (with num key off)
axis pad key DIR
x- A- * "moves left"
x+ A+ / "moves right"
y- B- up "out" head move toward you
y+ B+ pgup "moves away"
z- C- end "moves up"
z+ C+ left "moves down"

AXIS SEL FOR STEP (selects axis to step/move)
X A rt (yellow)
Y B pgdn (green)
Z C del (orange)
AXIS STEP JOG (moves selected axis one step)
ABC + +
ABC - enter

Lastly, FYI I am using ver SW:2.10.1307.3101 &
the OS is WINDOWS VISTA (my apologies for OS.. )

If you get no movement ck these things:
1. you must be out of the settings mode and
back to normal operations for keypad to work.
2. you should start the keypad by clicking with
the mouse, one of the jog direction arrows
then the keypad will respond.
3. of course be sure the keypad is ON and the
num lock is OFF.
4. if you get unexpected movement, ck. that a
key is not double programed. I had this
experience several times.
5. is the estop activated?

cnc01.jpg (19.01 KiB) Viewed 2033 times
cnc02.jpg (146.57 KiB) Viewed 2033 times
CNC03 config001.jpg
CNC03 config001.jpg (155.73 KiB) Viewed 2033 times
CNC04.jpg (150.66 KiB) Viewed 2033 times
CNC05.jpg (175.52 KiB) Viewed 2033 times
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Re: Cheapest wireless jogging pendant You'll ever use

Postby Andrej » 19 Mar 2014, 21:30

Very nice. I use wireless numeric keypad myself.
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Re: Cheapest wireless jogging pendant You'll ever use

Postby John at the Falls » 13 Jan 2016, 09:11

Brilliant idea Terry Baker

I just received my MK 3 controller yesterday and do not have my system up and running yet.

I purchased a Logitech Programmable Gaming Pad.

It has 22 programmable buttons and a joystick for scrolling. Plugs into the USB port.

I use it left handed for most of my CAD commands.

It could probably be mapped to any keyboard shortcuts.

Not sure how I would use all 22 keys.

Any thoughts on this?
John at the Falls
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