Light duty spindles

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Light duty spindles

Postby caddy » 10 Nov 2015, 01:45

It won't be long in my engraver build before I need to purchase a spindle. I have been doing a little research and "shopping" on line for a spindle motor. It appears that I will have some restrictions as to weight and size dimensions as I am having to work to an existing Z column that I reasonably sure will be rigid and strong enough to use "as is"
Ali Express has lots of them and I am looking for a resource as well as "user reviews" on the Chinese (or any) spindles.............
For my needs on a small engraver, I don't need a big unit, in fact it should be no bigger than 2" dia. and the lighter the better. It does not appear that cuts deeper than .025 will ever be needed. Never any cutter bigger than 1/8th " and primarily smaller 60*/45* points. Material ranges from plastic engraving stock to aluminum and maybe an occasional brass item. Anyone have a unit that has worked out well?
Thanks for responding
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Re: Light duty spindles

Postby Jimmydee004 » 11 May 2017, 20:29

I have tried several light weight spindles over the years. The main problem I ran in to is that the cheap spindles cannot handle the side pressure when cutting and the motor burns out. I now use a Kress spindle and it works fantastic. I have had it over three years now and like a TIMEX watch, " it takes a licking and keep on ticking!"

Price is a bit more but well worth it.

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