Bearings, rails, screws, ...

Machine design, rails, bearings, screws, nuts, couplings, ...

Bearings, rails, screws, ...

Postby curtholwell » 01 Mar 2012, 02:48

Hi all, Curt here.
I was woundering if somone could point me some place to get good prices for bearings and rails.
I would like to build a ridged machine, one that I could move faster than 22 imp, I have a K2-1414 with
280 oz. motors, had 400 oz motors and 40 vdc and can not get any speed out of it. Running Probitix parts,but can not get any faster than that. Im wanting to build a 24x36x6 or so machine, looking at youtube and stuff I would like to use ball screws-ridged rails linear bearings- or the rails and trucks, but the price for them from McMaster car-Grainger and MSD are unreal. Rails and trucks ball screws, rap up $ 2,500. or so and looking at ball screws big money for nuts and screws. Looking at the Probitix Comet, looks like it has ridged rails, but just backlash lead screws.And still that dont count all the other matiral to build the unit. The Comet is just 25x25" but comes turn key,pc and every thing--for 3,200.00 just buy that for the parts I would be better off.My project that I do are wood-platic-and allum.I just dont no how to get my table to work any faster,I have tryed every thing but changing the lead screws.Maybe that is the way it is-pay $4000.00 or more for parts then the time and stuff to build the machine????????????
thanks for any imput.
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Re: Bearings, rails, screws, ...

Postby Sparky » 01 Mar 2012, 14:59

Hi Curt,
Changing leadscrews to ones with a more coarse thread would speed things up.
Have you tried ? I've ordered a few items, mostly carriages, from them which were reasonably priced and of good quality. As for speed, check out their videos:
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Re: Bearings, rails, screws, ...

Postby mwthetm » 13 Mar 2013, 00:18

Hey there I have a 24X36X8 Machine for cutting wood.
I use a 1/2" X 5 TPI threaded Hi-Lead - Lead screw with anti backlash.
I'm also using The Probotix system, yellow motors.
I'm using the Igus Dryline Bearings.
The rest of my system isout of Double 3/4" Plywood.
I run over 200 IPM without load. I have ran at 100 IPM with a 1/4" bit.
A little too much for that bit but it did fine.
My usual cutting speed is 60 IPM or slower depending on what I'm cutting and the size of router bits.
Some .015 I only run at 4 or 5 IPM.

Check out the Hi-Lead - Lead screw from Roton.
About 10.00 per ft lead screw.
Great product.
The Igus Rails do the rest. DryLin® W - double rails and carriages and the single rail.
These are great for wood working.

I built my first machine years ago, it was as slow as yours. The 5th generation is great.
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